Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 348

New Year has come and the old year has gone. I know that you will be thinking that I haven’t said anything new or unusual. This happens every year. The old year passes with some memories and old year comes with new hopes, expectations and dreams. I know that these things happen. I even know that the passed year is considered to be good, average or bad on the basis of amount of our hopes, expectations and dreams.  But I wish that the New Year fulfils everyone’s dreams and bring happiness in their lives.
I just wish that all get what they deserve. It’s a huge difference between what you deserve and what you desire. Actually it’s very simple to understand also. Everyone desires to be rich and famous and want to have enormous wealth. But not everybody gets what he or she desires. When we don’t get anything as per our expectation then we began to blame God or timing or our own destiny. Actually, whatever we get is the result of our own deeds. It’s a clear relationship of cause and effect. Our actions are the cause and the result which we get is the effect.

I might be sounding as philosophical but it’s not like that. I’m just talking about the general terms. Its clearly visible everywhere and in everyone’s life. We just need to see around us and we will find the proof. Actually, its human tendency that we need evidences or logical arguments to trust or to confirm anything to be true or real. Our mind is so much dependent on the evidences that we need physical evidences or logical arguments in absence of physical evidences to trust anything. There are many things on which a person believes but the other person doesn’t believe. Just like existence of God, evil forces, witches, good souls and lots of other things. If we don’t get the proof or the physical evidence then we don’t believe such things. Then it’s called one’s perception. 

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