Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 329

The sixth version of Indian Premier League or IPL in short has started. Tuesday night was the opening ceremony of that. Although, I haven’t watched that but I’m sure that there were millions or rather say billion of people across the country having their eyes glued on their television screens. The matches will start from today and will go till 26th May. Approximately, it’s a two month’s event in which different teams will go for the cup.
    I was wondering that what’s so special about the IPL. I’m aware that it’s the shortest form of the cricket. There are a lot of actions and excitement there in this version. But what exactly is there which force audience to watch it with so much enthusiasm? Why there is so much bidding of the players before where the amount goes to billions of Rupees? Many international and national players, irrespective if their countries, plays in IPL. Actually, its total wastage of money. The amount of money involved in these can do many other things which can be used for the development works. But no one is much bothered about that.
    In my view, the IPL is totally commercialised. The focus is on the show business area. Many big stars of Bollywood are the owners of few teams in IPL, so it’s obvious that they will be involved in the affairs of IPL. The real excitement of cricket is lost in IPL. The initial concept of IPL is borrowed from the county cricket in England. But the glamour has been added so much that the real fun and excitement has been lost. The advertisement shown on television and advertisement being aired on different radio stations across the country as well as the lucrative advertisement in print media makes hype for this event.
    The players, national and international, are earning more than what they generally earn from their regular matches. If we consider the normal matches, be it one day or the test, then the players play for the national pride. Just like what happened in the recently concluded test match between India and Australia. The whole country was happy with the clean sweep of 4-0 of the test series. But now, in IPL the Indian players will play with the Australian players in the same team. Although, the main logic of keeping the international players in Indian teams is to create the harmony amongst the players. But in IPL, money is the main factor for the players to play.
    In my view, the focus should be on the pure cricket. The auction and glamour should be minimised if not taken out of the IPL. Then it would be a better form to watch and enjoy. 

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