Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day 354

This year, I’m not happy with my presence on blog. This year it has been the minimal presence since I started blog writing. I’m unable to point out the exact reason behind this. Was it my over activity at my office? Was it lack of time and dedication? Was it lack of topic to write? Was it some other fact? What exactly was it? seriously speaking, I’m still finding the answer to these questions. I’m getting none.

Actually. I’m still trying to figure out which question is the right question to begin. Until and unless I’m not sure about the question then how could I find the answer. You may call me a crazy person but this is the fact. No, I’m not crazy but I’m a bit confused. I want to know the answer without knowing the question. This is pure state of high confusion. Its creating a bit of mental chaos also. But I know that there will be a right path if I get out of this chaos. Actually, the chaos begins when there are many alternatives. So, I would like to have some suggestions from your side. 

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