Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 108

I know that it’s been four days that I posted my last post. I was having some work. Well again I am here with the same topic. Voting. Well, in India, someone who turns 18 thinks himself or herself to be an adult. A mature person. After turning 18, all of us apply for the driving license for cars, bikes. We apply for passport and everything which an adult get according to the Indian constitution. But we forget about the basic duty and our responsibility which comes to us when we turn 18. Voting rights. It’s not only a right but it’s our duty. Many of youngsters in India do have a driving licence, but they don’t have a voter id card. That’s very shameful. They are not Indians after all. If they think that they are Indians then why they don’t have a voter id card which is identity of their own. The youth wants everything to be given to it but don’t want to vote for the right person for the right government. They just migrate from this basic duty. Actually many Indians have this migratory tendency. They generally say that their vote is not going to make any affect. But I want to say that their vote does matters. I want to tell those people who are not going to vote this time just because their last representative hasn’t done any good work then just vote against him. This will defeat him and then you will get a pleasure of defeating him because he didn’t do any good work in your area. Do you want to lose this opportunity of having this pleasure? If yes, then you are then you’re a morally dead man. So its time to get up and do the duty which comes to us when we turn 18. When you expect to get all the advantages on turning 18 then you should do some basic duties also. And it’s easy to blame the wrong system. Now the time has come to change the system. So just go to the polling booth and vote.

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