Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 106

I wonder that how many are aware that Indians has a right of No Vote. Rule 49 (0) gives this option of not choosing any candidate. Rule 49 (0) of 1961, says that a voter can register his vote, but not vote for any candidate. To do this, a voter has to fill a form that is available with the presiding officer. Your vote will not be counted but it will be taken in voter turnout figure. But this practise is only one drawback. This negative drawback will not have any effect in deciding the winner. But this can show your anger against the candidates from your constituency. And if all the voters practise this rule, then this can be taken seriously. And in my view, this is not a good option. It’s good only when all the candidates are not worthy. But if we will not vote then we will again be at the losing end. If all the voters of a constituency cast negative vote then it will show the anger against the parties. But it is not the solution. Repeatedly I am saying that if you are not satisfied with the last representative of your area then just vote against him. Your vote makes the difference. Because its you who is dissatisfied with him. So show your anger. On the voting day, don’t sit in your home. Go to your polling booth and cast your vote. After all, its you who is going to make your future. So you are getting chance to make it. Don’t let it go wasted.

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