Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 104

Election Commission has barred the media, both print and electronic, from telecasting anything to the people of an area where voting will take place. Election Commission has clearly stated that there will be no telecast of any type of news which will influence the people about a particular candidate. There will be no telecast about anyone 48 hours ahead of the voting. This is a step which I don’t appreciate much. We have seen the case of Abu Azmi. Money was distributed when he went to file his nomination. This was telecast by the electronic media. The media has done a good job. Now does the Election Commission want the people to be unaware of the candidates like Abu Azmi? They want us to be in the dark till we vote. I think this is not a logical decision taken by the Election Commission. This is going to help the leaders only not the common people, who will decide the next representative of their area. Is this decision of the Election Commission politically motivated?

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