Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 109

On Thursday, the third phase of the voting got over. I must say that the decreasing turnout of voters is really a matter to worry. But one good happened. In Mumbai, Shah Rukh Khan came to vote from South Africa. He left his schedule in South Africa and fly back to Mumbai just to vote. This indicates that despite of his busy schedule, Shah Rukh can come back to vote then why can’t the common man? If you are not pleased with the last representative then just vote against him. I am saying this again and again. Just sitting in your home on the voting day is not the right way to show your anger. If you are angry then just vote him out of the power. What is the use of such persons who don’t bother about the people who have voted for him? If the people will sit ideally in the house on the voting day then this is not going to help you. It’s not going to work. The thing which is going to work is that you, yourself, wake up. Otherwise again the bad government will be formed and we will have high rate of inflation every where. So, just wake up and go for voting. If you think that the system and the government is bad, then its you only who will change it. No one from any foreign country will come to change the system on your behalf? Its you who has to change the system.

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