Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 116

In the recently concluded election, Indian voters have done two good things. One it has given clear majority to Congress and its allies. This means that now the Congress don’t have to make coalition with many small parties to have the majority. All of us are now tired of the coalition governments. Personally, I don’t like coalition governments. In the coalition government, the smaller parties are the real decision makers. If there is any differences, then the major party has to bow down in front of the smaller parties. And frankly speaking, this hampers the progress of the country.
The second good thing which the voters did was to turn the thumbs down to those people who were having criminal records. Just like in Bihar, Sahabbudin lost from Siwan constituency. So now, it’s very easy to prosecute the criminals. It wasn’t easy as they were enjoying certain privileges as been the elected representatives of the people.
So in the election, people have voted very intelligently. No one knew that in which direction the wind will flow. And the result was like a silent storm. The result was totally unpredictable. Any way, it’s good that this time, we are having more or less a stable government.

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