Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 117

I know that I have not been writing very frequently. I have promised also to write frequently. But I didn’t turn up according to my promise also. But the main thing is that I am not getting any idea to write. The election was a good issue to write. But it seems that no one actually read my posts at that time. That’s why I didn’t get any comments on my posts. Really, this is very bad. Sometimes, it really disheartens me that what is the use of writing when there is no one to read. This really disappoints me. But some how I want to continue writing. This is now become a way to express my views. And frankly speaking, this really keeps me engaged for some time. And my concept about writing a post is that I should put my views in front of you people. The people who are really reading my posts. And in return, I should get your opinions as feed back. This will indicate towards my weakness. But that dream is still a dream. I think that whoever reads my post really doesn’t bother to write few lines my blog has become a one sided affair now. Only I’m writing continuously. I really don’t know that how many people read my posts during the election time and how many of them were influenced by that. At least, I should know that how many people think like me and how many differ from my thoughts. But one thing I have observed that many of us doesn’t want to discuss about the politics. They think that its waste of time and energy to discuss politics. But they are forgetting that its politics only which affects us in our everyday life.

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