Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 111

It’s very sad to know about the decreasing percentage of voters. There was just 37 per cent voting turnout in Patna. This is really shameful. Voting is not just your fundamental duty but it’s your right. I have been saying this repeatedly that no casting your vote is not the proper way to show your anger towards the past government. And being absent from voting you have committed a blunder. I can prove my point. For example take the case of voter turnout in Patna. Just 37 per cent people went to vote. 63 per cent people didn’t come to vote. Now whoever gets elected by this 37 per cent will be the representative of the whole constituency. And those 63 per cent people will affected by the every decision taken by that representative in the Lok Sabha. This might not suit them but still then have to accept it. And they don’t have any right to blame also because they didn’t go for the voting. And the people of India are always lazy in doing their duty. They expect so many things but still don’t want to do their own duty. Whenever a person turns 18, he or she applies for driving license and many other things which are given by the Indian constitution to them. But those people forget about the right to vote. A duty given to them by the same Indian constitution. So for the next, just vote in the election. Whether it’s your city municipal election, your state assembly election or the Lok Sabha election. Because no one else than you, thinks better for the betterment of your self. So, to have better things and infrastructure, just go and vote next time. Your absence from voting will make the things more intolerable for you.

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