Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 115

I forget to write about one topic when it was voting period. It just slipped from my mind. But it’s never late for good things. Well, in the recently concluded the total turn out of voters was approximately 55%. I don’t know the exact figure so I have used the word approximately. So this low turnout is due to the politicians only. They remember the people of their constituency only during the elections. They made a long list of promises during their election rallies and blame the opposition parties. But once they are elected then they forget everything. The people of their constituencies, the promises made by the politicians and the problems from which the people are suffering daily. I want to ask a question to the politicians. When you don’t remember your promises then how do you expect the voters to vote for you? Do you expect the voters of your constituency to get cheated by you again? If you really wanted to get elected then just do some progressive work. Don’t you feel the tough life of the people in your constituency without basic amenities like road, electricity and water when you are in power? Still there are many places in our country where people are suffering from these things. Still there are many places which don’t have a primary health centres. People are still suffering from many things. But the leaders are not worried about them. Only God knows when these leaders will wake up? I’m just praying that soon the leaders will think about these things. One day, the leaders will think beyond the vote politics.

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