Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 118

It’s very sad to see the Indian students been beaten up in Australia. This is racial discrimination happening there. Few Australian people are using violence for those who are not of their colour. One student is still in critical condition in hospital. Another student of Indian origin was attacked by petrol bomb. He sustained 30 per cent burns. Why is this all happening? And this is clear indication that now the students will think about to go to Australia for higher studies. Around there are about 4 lacs students of foreign origin in Australia. The Australian police are saying that this is not racial discrimination but an opportunist activity. I think they are trying to cover up the matter. They arrested four teenagers who have attacked the Indian students but later on they were realised by the police. Is this the protection given by the Australian police? Did the attackers left the Indian students? No, they didn’t. They were attacked by screwdrivers and were brutally beaten them. Who is responsible for that? Is the law in Australia so lenient that it releases the culprits after they attack innocent people? What if these types of crimes would have been done with Australian citizens? Then also, the Australian police would have left the attackers after questioning? If the attackers will be released after interrogation then it will have wrong effect on the foreigner. No one would like to go to Australia. And this is not the first time that Indian students have been assaulted. There are many incidences that Indian students have been attacked several times. They are constant target of racial abuses and some times they are beaten up for no fault of them. And the students who have gone there are narrating horrible stories about the things that are happening in Australia with them. By their incidences, it’s clear that Indian students are the constant target of this racial discrimination. Nothing happens to other Asian students. Many Indian students are not complaining against all these things and they are suffering quietly. And if the Indian student does something violent to stop the attack on him then he is either killed or is beaten up more brutally. And then the police will harsh him more. So in the end of the day, it’s the Indian student or the Indian community who is at the receiving end of the racial hatred. Now, its time to wake up and do something for those who are stucked there in Australia. The Indian government should call all the Indians staying in Australia back to India.

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