Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 97

Now a day, all the political parties are making new alliances with other parties. There are many things going on in the Indian political scenario. All the parties are trying to convince the voters in their favour. It’s all to get the maximum number of seats in the Lok Sabha to form next government. They are focusing on the star campaigners of their parties. They are lineing up outside the house of film stars also. Just to come to their rallies. All the political leaders are very much busy these days. But if they would have done something constructive in their constituencies in the last five years then they would have been in a better position. But they didn’t indulge themselves in any constructive work. All the promises which they made were just on the papers. And every time, they play the card of caste, creed, language and religion. And indeed, few people are there who got trapped in these destructive things. And the politicians always take advantage of the sentiment of the trapped people. Many people in the public believe that there religion or caste or the language they speak is superior than others. And this leads to communal imbalance. Every political party says that it is a secular party but all of them favour a religion or another. No one is secular in this date of modern India. All of them say like that just to have vote. I sometimes really wonder that how long the people of this country will allow politicians to make them fool again and again. How long these politicians will divide us on the basis of caste, creed, religion and language? How long there will be communal riots in this country? Are the people of this country a puppet in the hands of just handful politicians? Is someone out there who can answer my questions? If anyone is there then please tell me the answers to my questions.

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