Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 90

Well we are now going to face the elections. So obviously everyone is going to talk about election, politics and politicians. Very soon the analysis of every politician will start after the political parties finalises the candidates list and the number of seats each party is going to contest. Every party is right now busy in doing that. But we haven’t decided yet that what we have to do. Are we going to vote a particular politician just on his family background or on the basis of the political party he belongs to? Or this time, are we really going to change this system and will elect a person for the work he did in last five years? If this is the criteria then it will be good for us only. India got independence 60 years back but still we are following dynasty system in our politics. Why can’t it be Vote for Work? Can’t it be ‘No Vote for No Work’ policy from our side? If your last representative hasn’t done any work up to your expectation then don’t give him any work. It’s not necessary to vote him or her because he or she was your last representative. Not at all. So this time, your vote should go for the construction of India, not for the dynasty or any other thing.

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