Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 190

I know if I’ll again write something about the recent addition of the corruption practices in India then you people might think that I’m going on the same topic. But I got some shocking news. And after all, it’s the money of the common man which it pays as various direct and indirect taxes. Today while surfing the net I went on the online edition of The Pioneer. I read the news article there that a committee of BJP has investigated some projects in North East states. Surprisingly that committee has discovered various scams worth several thousand Crores in which Rs 4 Lakh Crores hydro power project in Arunachal Pradesh. Most of the states in North East are ruled by Congress party. According to the article, few points are there which can be termed as the tip of the iceberg. The thing which attracted my attention was that few projects were awarded to the companies within the days they were incorporated. For e.g. – Tuff Energy was allotted a project of 70 MW worth Rs 400 Crores within 50 days of its incorporation without any bidding. The hydro power project was awarded at the cost of Rs 4 Lakh Crores which included Rs 20,000 Crores as kickbacks.
The huge amount of money is going to the corrupt hands. And surprisingly our Prime Minister represents North East. I think 2011 has become the year of discoveries of various scams. There is only one way to stop it. Make harsh laws that can create a fear amongst these corrupt people. What I can suggest now is that to recover all the money which these corrupt people earn through kickbacks as well as their assets. And if a minister is involved then he should be removed from the office immediately. The investigating agencies shouldn’t be pressured to go slow or to give clean chit to the accused. And the punishment should be the maximum so that it can set an example to all those who are involved in the corrupt practices.

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