Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 172

Dantewada. A name which has been recorded in the history of modern India for the massacre of 74 CRPF soldiers. Naxals turned their guns towards the security forces to resist the Operation Green Hunt, an initiative taken by the Central Government to eradicate the Naxalites from our country. But one thing worried me a lot. The government isn’t providing basic facilities to the security forces working in the dense forests. The security personals have to fight Naxalites without adequate water supply and medicines. Malaria is the common disease in the dense forest against which the security forces are inadequate. Most of the times, the security forces have to work with their patched throats because of insufficient supply of fresh waters. Still they are fighting the Naxalites. Real kudos to those brave soldiers. And what happened in the forest of Dantewada is an example of growing number of Naxalites in India. There were 80 CRPF soldiers against 1000 Naxalites. Its clear indication that our security force in the forest areas is in fraction as compared to the Naxalites. And Union Home Minister, Mr P Chidambaram sent his resignation in writing to the Prime Minister, taking the moral responsibility of whatever happened in the forest of Dantewada. But it would be better if he makes the facilities given to the security personals posted in dense forests. That will boost up the morale of those security personals. And I agree with Mr Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister of Bihar that Mr Chidambaram should makes his work speak louder than his words. Because these Naxalites are assuming that the government will do nothing except talking. Now the time has come to talk less and to take strong steps. 

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