Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 174

I’m confused now. IPL is the reason. What should I say it now? Is it Indian Premier League or Indian Paisa League or Indian Political League? The daily changing scenario of IPL is turning more interesting now. The amount of money is really huge. And now the war of tug is taking new twist everyday. BCCI is lobbying to sack Lalit Modi as the IPL Commissioner. But he is not going to resign quietly. The manner in which is speaking is indicating that he has some vital clues and secrets which can unearth some political heavyweights name. There are a lot of things going on underground which will be disclosed very soon. Lalit Modi has refused to become a scapegoat which clearly indicates that all is not well in this IPL session. The previous two sessions of IPL were good hits in India and abroad as well. But this time, it has started many political storms. Mr Shashi Tharoor has to quit his job just because of this controversy. Who knows that what other big name is involved in all these? Of course, Mr Modi knows that. That attitude and the confidence with which he is saying his views clearly states this that he is not an easy person to bend. There is a high voltage drama going on. Only coming time can tell us that.

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