Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 170

In my last post, I got the feedback from an anonymous reader. I really appreciate that. In the feedback it was recommended to write consistently. But that well wisher has forgotten that in the post previous to that I have written the same problem which I get to write consistently. May be the well wisher has forgotten that or had over looked that post. Never mind. At least, someone is there who is interested in having pains to recommend something to me. So a big thank you from the bottom of the heart.

Now let me tell some basic facts. Actually, I’m not a big writer who can write consistently. Even big writers need topic to write consistently. And many times, I have requested all my readers to give feedback. But the answer is null. So this is the basic lagging in my writing. I have written on some topics which were worthy of having feedbacks. But still the answer is null. I always ask for feedbacks because some points in the feedbacks compels to write more. That’s the aim which is always there in my mind whenever I write any post. So, I’m counting you people again for your valuable comments.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

we demand some sher o shayri please dont disappoint ur readers.

and day today views over the ur thougts and surrounding.

no one is perfect in this world but everyone is trying to be perfect.
so, if think that u are not a big writer but yes someday u will be if u are consistent for ur job.

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