Saturday, March 6, 2010

Day 168

Writing is not a tough job. But writing consistently is a tough job. Initially, when I started writing this blog, my idea was to consistently only. But somehow I’m lagging in my objective. The reason is lack of ideas. Sometimes, I have multiple topics, but I get confused in choosing one. And sometimes, I get scarcity of ideas. That’s why I have much difference of days in my posts. Sometimes, it happens that when I choose a topic then I do some research over it before making it a draft. But at last, when I finally decide to post it then the topic looses its grip. Passage of time makes it dull. I don’t want you people to read any dull topic. I don’t want you people to read any dull topic. I have requested you people repeatedly to give feedback on the past I write. But unfortunately, I’m not getting any response. Basically no one can write without any idea. So give me some feed back to write again.

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