Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 167

I know that I’m writing after a gap of a month. And there are several issues which needs our attention. The increasing menace of naxalities, dipping numbers of tigers in India, political menace of Shiv Sainiks in Maharashtra, rising inflation and many more things. Frankly speaking I’m confused about what to write. That’s why I was silent for a month. But today, I have decided to write about tigers.

Tiger is the national animal of India. But it’s very sad to know that there are only 1411 tigers in India. This is something very embarrassing for us. The national animal needs protection now. But some poachers are killing tigers mercilessly just for money. The time has come to stop them. If we will not wake up now then it will be too late. Extinction of tigers or any animal will imbalance the entire ecology of India. But few people are destroying the entire system for just few amount of money. But they are forgetting that they are also living in India and it will affect them also. And the time has come to make tougher wild life laws. This problem is not going to be solved on by the initiative of people. Government has to come forward with strong laws to curb the poachers. Actually the poachers are taking advantage of the loopholes in the wild life laws. And some corrupt forest officials are also involved in all this illegal killings. Until and unless all these things are not curbed then no action will be fruitful.

The save tigers project initiated by Aircel mobile company is really a nice initiative. Now the whole country has to be united to fight against the illegal hunting of our national animal. I would like to say to my readers that they should visit at least once. This website has been launched in the support of saving tigers. So be a part of this campaign.

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