Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 166

Today I was reading The Times of India in the morning. I was stuck by an irony. On the front page, a news article was there about the recent attack in Srinagar. The media has report of the talk between the terrorists, who attacked a hotel in Srinagar, and their boss in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir. And on the second page the paper was having the article about Aman Ki Asha, a peace initiative between India and Pakistan. So, we got the first breach of our friendship. This was the thing about which I was talking about in my last post. I’m not against the peace between the two countries. But is it easy to trust Pakistan after so many infiltrations? I don’t think so. In my view, Pakistan is a country which is not trust worthy. From 1st January, 2010, the two big media houses of both the countries started the peace plan. But Pakistan sends the terrorists to Srinagar to kill innocent people. What does this means? Is anyone going to answer this? That’s why I told that first of all the Pakistani government has to close all the terrorists camps on its soil, if the Pakistani government is really concerned about the peace and prosperity in the region. But unfortunately for India, Pakistan is still nurturing the dream of weakening India to have dominance over it. So I would like to say that there is no need of having any cultural programme like Aman Ki Asha. What we need to pressurise our government to take action against Pakistan. If America can attack Afghanistan to destroy Al-Qaida, then why can’t India do that? More people have died to India due to this guerrilla war with Pakistan than the people died in the sad tragedy of World Trade Centre. I know that war always destroys both sides but its important now. Every time Pakistan sends terrorists whenever India does something for the peace. There is no need of having more bloodshed now. For the last 62 years we have seen much bloodshed. We need to have break from that. So instead of having cultural programmes, we need to have our armed forces ready for the strike.

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