Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 157

Well, I wrote my last post on 4th December. I took a break of one day to watch the test match between India and Sri Lanka. I would like to say that I enjoyed this test series a lot. In Kanpur test and in Mumbai test, the Indian team batted well and bowled well. It was a completely perfectly balanced team. Virendar Shewag used his bat in both the tests match in an effective manner. The way in which he played was truly classical. And the middle order batsmen also supported well. It’s another thing that they didn’t performed as per the expectation after having a splendid performance by Virendar Shewag. Now with this win, Indian team has become the number 1 team in ICC test ranking. Now this is one thing of which we are proud of. Every time, the Indian cricket team has been considered as an underperformed team. But now, it’s not like that. Indian cricketers also put their full effort in the game but due to lack of the coordination and due to ill balanced team they loose the match. Now the Indian team has to retain this number 1 slot for at least couple of years.

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