Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 154

Second day also the Mouse menace worked during the ongoing CAT exams. Result of this… Students suffered. So it seems that the Mouse is wining the war over CAT but at the cost of student’s harassments and anger. Prometric, the company organising the CAT 2009, has put the blame on the virus attack for the malfunction. Prometric officials are saying that the virus were not detected by the anti virus software at the exam centres. Whatever may be the case, but it’s not exactly the thing which is making the CAT exam to be a smoother one just like it was last year. Whatever may be the reasons for the failure or the catastrophe, which is creating harassment for the students, is creating embarrassment for the CAT committee. The most important thing is that whether the exams are going as per schedule or there will be afresh exams? This question is very much important now. Because it’s now the reputation of the CAT committee involved now. So, the sooner they came up with the answer the better it is for the students. I hope that the CAT committee takes the decision in couple of days. This will stop the harassment of the students.

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