Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day 151

Today is the first anniversary of the Mumbai attack. A sad day which has marked its impression long in our memories. 166 people were killed by the 10 militants who came in Mumbai through sea route. Only Ajmal Kasab was arrested alive out of those 10 militants. People in Mumbai are out on streets and at various places in prayers in the memory of those who were killed by the terrorists. The Mumbai Police is parading in various parts of the city. But we need to think on various things also. I agree that no country is free from the terror attack. But we have to take necessary steps to save our country. Last year, during the attack, there were many drawbacks which came in front of us. First one was the movement of NSG commandos from New Delhi to Mumbai. It took very long hours for the commandos to reach Mumbai, where every passing moment was very important. Then there was lack of coordination between police and commandos. But at last, the commandos gunned down nine militants. But after a year of that attack, we are still facing many problems. Still our police force is ill equipped. Today’s terrorists carry an automatic AK-47 but our policemen still carry the antique bolt action rifle. When the terrorists came to Mumbai by sea route they were equipped with sat-phones and GPRS navigational systems, but our policemen were using VHF radio sets that can’t function in cities like Mumbai where we have many high-rise buildings. And still many police officers have joined police force to earn money only. Majority of them are doing corrupt practises. We have to remodel our police force, have to make them well equipped and have to make them of high moraled. Then only we will be fight with the terrorists in a better way. Because what happened in Mumbai is not a pleasant one to remember. We have to be ready that nothing like that happens again.

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anuja said...

hello, brother i can understand that u r very much affected by 26/11 tragedy.
i think as a responsible citizen every one should come forward and take sturn action to eradicate this terrorism, mere telling by yes i'm concern with or whatever happen was really bad or like this kind of quation is not going to help thie handicapped country. we all need fire inside us in true sense.

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