Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 139

Getting comments on the posts always makes me think again. Recently I got two comments on the posts titled Day 135 and Day 138. Some anonymous person is writing comments on the blogs. First of all, I would like to say thanks to Mr Anonymous for his comments. He wrote in his comment on Day 135 that problems cannot be tackle by taking harsh steps only. But he is forgetting or he might have missed that the Maoists have been given enough chance to talk with the government. But instead of coming for the peace talk, they are damaging the government properties like blowing up of railway tracks, attacking on police stations. There is not much option left for us. We have to tackle this situation with the force only. Maoists are terrorists inside the Indian border. We have to fight them. The government is doing peace talks only. But in response to that what we are getting in return from the Maoists? Blasts, massacres, hijack of trains. And as Mr Anonymous stated in his comment that poverty is the reason for the Maoists to spread. Actually that’s main weakness which Maoists are taking advantage of. So to stop them its important or rather say it’s necessary to take harsh steps.

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