Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 135

Maoist. A word which has become menace for the central and state governments in India. But in reality it’s not a word. People think that it’s a banned outfit which uses violence to say its point. But in reality a Maoist is an advocate of Maoism. Next thing which comes in mind is what is Maoism? Actually it’s the political and military ideology derived from the teachings of Chinese leader Mao Zedong. It originated in the period of 1950-55. This outfit is using violent incidences to gets its leaders free from prison or they kill people in the name of justice. Their main operational area is West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. The Maoist show their presence in other parts with killings. Recently they beheaded Francis Induvar, a Jharkhand police officer. And of course, all of us certainly remember the hostage of Rajdhani Express by People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCPA), an organisation backed by Maoist.

One thing which I ask myself is that why isn’t the government using harsh steps to stop all these things. It’s clear that these Maoists can’t be handled by the state police. There is always misunderstanding and lack of coordination between the police of two states. And Maoists are taking advantage of this weakness. As far as I have observed then I have found and observed that these Maoists people are using innocent people as their backup. They are getting mass support by hook or crook. And then these Maoists use the mass as their protection shield. So instead of state police running after them, the central government should press army or Para military forces in action. There have been enough peace talks with the Maoists. They always demand for the separate area for them. The top Maoist leaders always provoke people to go against the government and the police. And when the police arrest their leaders then the comrades uses violent means to pressurise government and police for the release of their leaders.

So in my view, instead of having peace talks, its time for action. When Special Task Force (STF) can be formed by the state governments of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh to nab Verrappan, why can’t the central government form a separate task force with the central command in one of the Maoist affected states to eliminate Maoists? These people understand the language of bullets. So its time to talk with them in the language they understand very well.

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Anonymous said...

problem cannot be tackled by using harsh steps only.i would like to take the example of chattisgarh , the hotbed of maoists.the salwa judum of the state government has resulted in to disastrous consequences. we have to understand that maoists find their support base among the poor. do you find maoists in punjab. abjects poverty in the states you mentioned is the cause behind maoists violence. further comments, i will mail you.

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