Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 149

It’s almost a week that I wrote my post on the blog. Actually it was a sort of waiting time for me. I was expecting you people to give some comments but it seems that all my waiting has gone in vein. I think my expectation was wrong. Sometimes, I think that this expectation plays a vital role in our life. We expect something in return for certain things do or from certain people around us. We feel very sad or depressed when our expectation is not fulfilled. Today I’m not in mood to write. Memories of past time are coming back Again and again. The things which happened last year were so sad that still its memory is fresh in our memories. From tomorrow I’ll write a series on the Mumbai terror attack.

1 comment:

shyam said...

Sinha Saab,

I am kind of glad and happy that you started the blog. It is just that i cannot express in words.


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