Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 152

The CAT fever begins from today. For the first time, 2,41,000 aspirants will try to tame the CAT with the help of a Mouse. Yes, I’m talking about the online CAT exams. The changed trend is a matter of worry for many students. They are still finding it very tough to crack the exam to go to prestigious B-Schools in India. Well, in my view, it’s a good change. Because after getting in B-Schools, one has to get familiar with computers and laptops. So, why can’t there be online CAT exam? What’s wrong in that? I understand that many students are in dilemma that how they will perform in this exam when it’s online. They are right to an extend. The physiological pressure of some prestigious exams like CAT is really high on the aspirants. And making that online has added one more reason to get feared. But in my view, this fear will go away with time. This is the first year of online CAT exam that’s why the aspirants are having so much fear of that. If they are reading my blog then I can only advise them not to panic. There is no need of panicking. Just take it as the normal CAT exam. Do your best. Rest will be fine.

There are many institutes which provide coaching for the management entrance exams, all over India. But I have found that Career Launcher has an advantage above others. The faculty at Career Launcher are a bit better than others. And the people at Career Launcher are giving coaching on the computers at their labs. I think this is the added feature in their coaching technique. They are training the aspirants to work on the computers so that the aspirants don’t have any problem in the CAT exams. Very soon others will also mutate this but I have found that the labs at the Career Launcher are backed by an expert team. They provide all type of materials and online support to the students that the aspirants really feel full of confidence. And I think that confidence with right coaching and right direction can equip an aspirant to crack down the CAT exam.

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hi, sumit
so what according to u shud any one not to do n do for qualifying cat.

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