Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 141

Raj Thackeray and his party men are crossing every limit of civilised world. Raj Thackeray issued a diktat for the newly elected MLAs in the recently concluded Maharashtra state assembly that all of them will take oath in Marathi. What the hell is this? Who is he to issue diktat like this? In the Republic of India all the elected members are free to take oath in their language. No one can issue diktat like this. I think that Raj Thackeray is doing all these nonsense things to be in lime light. But something has to be done with him. There should be some restriction on him. It was Raj Thackeray who spread the hatred between Marathi and Bihari. Again he has started spreading hatred between Marathi speaking people and Non-Marathi speaking people. It seems that he has got some memory loss problems. He has forgotten the terrorist attack in Mumbai November last year. The NSG commandos who went to fight the terrorists in Mumbai, were from North and South India. There was not a single Marathi Manoos amongst those brave commandos. Why didn’t he raise his voice for that? He is a psycho who wants to get spotlight for nothing. That’s why he is doing these things. In my view, he should be arrested as soon as possible. There should be a trial for him for spreading hatred based on language. The government should do something to stop him.

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