Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 138

Today morning, I read very sad news. It’s very sad to know that the common man was ignored so badly even he was dying in the name of security to the Prime Minister. This is the first incidence that a man has died at the gate of a hospital when his car was stopped by the police for the security of Prime Minister. I agree that total security should be provided to VVIPs like Prime Minister. But is it right to bar a person to get treatment and allow him to die? I’m talking about the incidence that happened in Chandigarh. Prime Minister went to Chandigarh for the convocation ceremony at PGI hospital. Sumit Verma went for treatment for kidney. His car was blocked at the main gain of PGI. He was having tears in his eyes due to pain. But it didn’t created any sympathy corner in the hearts of policemen standing there for the security of Prime Minister. After the ceremony was over then only the car was allowed to go inside. Doctors declared Sumit Verma ‘brought dead’, after diagnosing him. Now who is to be held for this unfortunate mishap? I strongly condemn whatever happened in the name of security. It’s totally unacceptable in any civilized society. A city’s important hospital becomes off bound for patients urgently needing life saving attention. I see the fault of the entire system in this unfortunate mishap.

If the college management has invited Prime Minister for the convocation ceremony then it should had made the venue somewhere else. The college management knew it very well that the hospital is very crucial. Patients come from other cities also for the treatment. Then also it kept the convocation ceremony in the hospital campus. Second thing which really astonished me is the inhuman nature of the policemen at the gate of the hospital. Seeing the situation of Sumit Verma they should have called any senior doctor to get some medical aid. If the policemen would reacted at the proper time then life a man could have been saved.

We need to change the system like this. So that there is no more sad tragedies like this. No innocent patient looses his or her life in the negligence by the system. Whatever happened at PGI in Chandigarh is really condemnable act.

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Anonymous said...

and the wonder is the media did not think of giving it appropriate coverage. they write and talks volumes on silly issues like aishwarya's and abhishek's wedding , but they did not have the interest or will to highlight this issue.

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