Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 145

Yesterday, I wrote about the decline in the number of applicants for CAT this year. I cited economic slowdown and lay offs as one the reasons for the downfall. But today, there is a good news. This year, Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore (IIM-B) has got the maximum number of offer for internees. The whole batch of 348 students of the first year of IIM was selected for the 2010 summer internship. Royal Bank of Scotland, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan were amongst the leading companies visited the IIM campus. There were total 150companies including 74 new companies. This is showing that the trend is now changing. The fear of the pay off, about which I wrote yesterday, is changing now. IIM-B has become the trend setter now. This selection process which took place there at IIM, is going to take place in other top B schools also. The placement scenario is going to change now. The placement scenario has always been a driving force to join any top B school. It’s a proven fact that the institute having maximum number of placements is considered as the top B school. So now the phase of worrying about the placement is going to change now. There are few positive things happening now. It’s always good to see the positive change in every field.

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