Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 146

Kudos to master blaster. He has done some thing really tremendous off the field. He showed his true face of a real Indian. He told it to media persons that he plays for the entire nation. Not just for Mumbai. Sachin Tendulkar not only did wonder with his bat but when it comes to talk then he really he makes impact there also. Tendulkar was talking to media persons on the occasion of completing 20 years of playing International Cricket. Sachin clearly send his message to Raj Thackeray that Sachin is proud to be a Marathi but he plays for team India as an Indian, not as a Marathi. At least, now the linguistic psycho will get some lesson. If he has some brain or have good councillors around him to guide him, then Raj Thackeray will be enlightened. There is no need to increase the linguistic hatred amongst ourselves. Language is never above the nation. The spirit and proud of being united in spite of speaking so many different languages is above than any particular language. Now Raj Thackeray has to understand this. The sooner he understands the better it is for all.

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