Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 137

It’s very sad to see no comments coming from your side. It might be wastage of time to write a couple of lines after reading the blog. But it’s important for me. Anyway, I can write another post based on this. I don’t want to write it today because it will be repetition of whatever I wrote yesterday. Well today I read the news about the blast in Pakistan. These days Taliban is targeting what has been save haven for itself. Last month, there was blasts in different parts of Pakistan and attacks on the head quarters of Pakistani army. It seems that Taliban is now feed up being getting orders from the Pakistani high command. Or it can be said that Taliban is revolting against its protector. Or it can be said that there is some secret agreement between Taliban and Pakistani government or army. The whole world knows that Pakistan is the safe shelter for all terrorist organisations. And the Pakistani government love to blame India for anything wrong happens in Pakistan. So it might be the plan of the Pakistani army to have blasts done by Taliban to show that Pakistan itself is the target of terrorism. Its nothing but a drama to kill its own innocent people to gain sympathy. That’s why there was a blast when Hillary Clinton reached Islamabad. God knows what the truth is. I can only say that its some conspiracy of the Pakistani army. Pakistan has the history of having army ruling it. Might be all these blasts are to provoke people against Asif Ali Zardari, so that the army can come forward to take control of the entire county. Who knows? Might be this will happen in near future. Or army will tell Asif Ali Zardari to be in power but the army will dictate him. Nothing can be said.

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