Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 153

So the game of CAT and Mouse began yesterday. But in this game the students were at the losing end. Majority of the students faced the problem of system rebooting and sudden shut down of the computers. It lead to the increase of pressure and anxiety amongst students. The CAT committee is silent over this. How can they answer for the question when the things were out of their hands? It was the concern of the centre people where the exams were conducted. They didn’t checked their computers to eliminate the problem of rebooting and automatic shut downs. In my view, it was anticipated that this type of problem will arise. But no measures were taken to eradicate this. Why? Why wasn’t there any back up plans? Why should the students suffer due to the fault of the people at the examination centres? And there are many more questions. Is the CAT committee going to take another exam for those students who faced this type of problems? I don’t think that it’s not right if they are barred from the examination. So, I hope that the CAT committee is going to do in this direction. They aren’t answering any questions at the moment. I think they are finding the cause of the entire malfunction which happened on the opening day of the CAT exam. In fact, their reputation is also at the stake. The sooner it is solved, the better it is for the students coming up for the CAT days in coming days. And I hope that this type of errors and malfunction will not occur next year.

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