Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day 150

Today I’m writing 150th post of my blog. But instead of feeling happy, I’m sad. On Thursday, we will be remembering the martyrs of the Mumbai attack. Thursday will be the first anniversary of that tragic attack. Couple of days back I read an interview of the father of Late Major Unni Krishnan. He told that every one in India wants a Bhagat Singh and Chandra Sekhar Azad in the country but not in their house. I was moved by his statement. Why we people of India have become so mean? We want someone to fight against the enemies of our country. We want some one to fight against corruption. If someone else do that then we applaud for that person very much. But don’t want our son or daughter to do the same. Why? We have just become coward. We don’t want anything to happen to our family. We give long speeches on the patriotism but when it comes to send son or daughter in the armed force then we just don’t want to do that and just closed our doors that we won’t send our children there. We want our children to have a career or job where he or she can earn handsome money. But don’t want them to see serving the country in the armed forces or to fight against corruption. We are concerned about the bread and butter only. Nothing more than that. This is mean cowardness. And this is the weakness which our enemies are taking advantage of. I do remember that when the commandos operation to eradicate terrorists was over in Mumbai, the public of Mumbai came on streets in protests against politicians and they demanded that we should strike against the enemy. But I want to ask them that how many of them are interested in sending their children to the armed forces? How many of them are ready to fight against the corrupt leaders. All of them were silent when Raj Thackeray spread his linguistic hatred. Why they didn’t protest at that time? Their silence is of a mean coward’s silence. Now we have to change our thinking. Its time to unite always as the people of Mumbai did after the attack. We have to show to the linguistic psycho leaders that no state, city or language is greater that the country. We all are Indians having same rights. India is made of all the states and all languages are equal. It’s not right to divide the country like this. We have to fight the internal enemies also.

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