Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 239

Today is one of the most memorable days of my life. I’m not going to forget today. I met the love of my life today. It was our plan to meet at somewhere else at a schedule time. It was my friend’s house. But I cancelled the plan of meeting there as my friend was ill. So she told me that she will call me after reaching her friend’s house. Then she called me an hour earlier than the schedule time and told me to reach the botanical garden of Patna. Both of us reached together but she couldn’t see me as I was behind her. Then I took the entry tickets and we went inside. We were roaming in the botanical garden. She said that she want to sit on a lonely bench where no one could disturb us. I told her to sit near the lake. We went and sat on a bench near the lake. We were holding each others arms. We were talking and the smile of her face was making my heart beat faster. Oh! God, her smile was the sweetest thing. I kissed her forehead. She kept her head on my shoulder and she took our photographs from her cell camera. We sat there for one and half hours. Then we had a walk around the lake. While walking, I checked that no one was in the vicinity. Then I hugged her and kissed her on her cheeks. Then we came out. Walked with her till the entrance of her colony. The smile on her face before saying bye to me was the killer smile. What a lovely smile she had. I thought that I’m going to be hit by the thunderbolt. The moments which we spend together were just awesome. I want to relive those moments again. 

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Mrinmoy said...

whowwww!!! what a nice romantic day you have had with ur girl friend...It's just awesome. I'll pray to god so that this day come back to ur life again and again..

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