Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day 238

It really gives pleasure to be at home. Just like I wrote on yesterday’s post that suddenly we got a pleasant surprise. Then suddenly four of us planned to get back to home. The immediate planning lead to the high level energy which helped in packing the stuffs very fast. We reached the railway station. But none of all four of us knew that this journey will be one of the memorable journeys of the railways. We were having our journey very smoothly. We were just two hours from our destination. All of us were relieved that in two hours we will reach the destination and within two and half hours, we will be at our homes. But the main hectic part started from that point. The train we boarded was a super fast express. But after that station, it became worst than the local passenger train. I told my friends that we were travelling in a goods train now. Moving for fifteen minutes and halting for half an hour. We reached our destination after three and half hours late from the expected time. Really, halting for half an hour at small halts was making me frustrated with anger. But nothing could be done. Signal was been made to make us wait. But finally when I reached home, I felt very happy. Finally the pleasure of being at home. 

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