Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 229

I know I am late today. I have a reason for this. I went on the survey today. It’s a part of my PGDM course. By doing survey, one can know the preference or the taste of the sample population on whom the survey is been done. My specialization in PGDM is marketing. So I need to do survey to know the mood of the sample population. In whichever company I’ll get placement, I’ll be going to people like this only. All the students of PGDM and MBA are required to do survey work. Survey gives the experience of the real work which a marketing person has to do. This is the first hand experience which can not be learnt in the classroom. Getting the questionnaire filled, explaining the aim of the survey and clarifying the doubts of the respondents are the major part which I did today. This is the main thing for any surveyor has to do. This is a hectic work but one can learn a lot of things. 

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