Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 231

I was wondering about the change in the Indian thoughts. 20 years back, valentine day was an alien thing for Indian society. But now, the entire week before the valentine day is been associated with one thing or another like rose day, hug day, teddy bear day. I won’t call this as nonsense. But I think that we, Indians, are expert in adopting alien things in our culture. From the business point of view, these days are very crucial. Although on the valentine day, greeting cards are on the high sale but there are few more things now associated with it. Now the couple wants to go to restaurants to celebrate this day. Cards companies like Archie’s makes a lot of profits in this one week. The sales of rose and other things on whose names the different days of the week have been assigned are on rise. It’s a good sign from the economic point of view.
But personally I don’t feel excited or appreciate these things. Why do we need one day to express our love to our loved ones? Everyday of our life we can show our love to them by doing small things which really makes our loved ones happy. So why to wait for one day to come? Suppose that we show our love on one day and then we use to fight for rest of the year, then what’s the use of valentine day? I’m not against the teaching of St. Valentine, for whose remembrance this day is celebrated. I just want to say that make everyday of your life a valentine day. Then you will be having true love and your life will be on a positive direction. 

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