Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 241

I know that there has been a short gap between my last post and this post. Actually I have got two reasons for this. First one is that I wasn’t getting in mood to write anything. Sometimes I feel lazy so I just take a break of the days which suits my mood. Second reason is that I wasn’t having any topic to write. Most of the times, it happens with me that I don’t have any topic to write. So that’s not a big deal. Then you must be thinking that what made me write today? Good question, I would say. But the perfect answer is that right now I’m travelling in the train. Going to the holy city of Varanasi from my home. Hold on. I’m not on a pilgrimage. I’m going to Varanasi to my college from where I’m doing PGDM. So I thought to utilize this time in writing something.
Well, there is a girl sitting in front of me. By her looks, she is looking nice. I would say that she is average looking but the hairs coming on her face due to winds are making her a bit attractive. But it seems that she isn’t an extrovert. We have a very little formal chat and she is busy in reading some magazine. Frankly speaking, we haven’t told our names to each other. But something is there which is telling me that she is attractive. Generally people don’t chat with strangers in a journey. But I think that if we don’t talk to co passenger then the journey becomes very boring. Isn’t it? As I’m writing this post, our conversation is going by a snail’s pace. I hope before reaching Varanasi, I’ll have her name and may be we will become friends. 

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