Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 236

Well, today morning, I was going through the newspaper. One news article caught my attention. It was about Raj Thackeray. He has again started spiting venom against the North Indians, particularly Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. I think he is having insecurity feeling about the people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Last time also he targeted people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. I think he is sick mentally. If I quote his statement then he directly blamed people of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh for all the crimes in Mumbai and Maharashtra. He has said that the number of criminals from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh are many times of the police strength of Mumbai and Maharashtra. I think time has come to remind him some facts. I think he still remember the terrorist attack on Mumbai. It’s a proven fact that all of them were Pakistanis. I think he has forgotten that all the National Security Guard were from North Indians. None of them were the Maratha Manoos. I think he is reigniting the spark to be in the limelight. Nothing more than that. He knows it very well that until he divides the state and the country on the basis of language till then he can’t do his politics.

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