Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 232

Today is propose day. It’s not according to me. It’s according to my friends. Now it has become the trend to celebrate the valentine week. I think its total influence of the western culture on Indian culture. Nothing more than that. But one news article has caught my attention which is really more shameful. Three ministers of the Karnataka government have resigned following the allegations that the trio were watching porn movies in the state assembly. The incidence happened when the assembly was in the session and the heated debate was going on recently hoisting of Pakistani flag in Bijapur district in Karnataka. This is really a shameful act and that too done in the assembly when it’s going on. This shows the cheap mentality of the elected representatives of the assembly. It’s the first incidence which has happened in any state assembly. Certainly this incidence has shocked the entire nation.
The ministers were so much indulge in this shameful act that they forgot everything. I think that these ministers should be sacked from their assembly seats. If they aren’t able to concentrate on the working of the assembly and are more interested in watching porn movies then they should be debarred from the assembly election and they should be barred from contesting elections. Although an enquiry has been ordered after their resignation but still I would suggest that they should be boycotted socially and politically. These politicians take everything as granted. They think that they can do anything anytime. Until and unless they are boycotted till then they aren’t going to learn anything. Time has come to teach them proper lesson.

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Mrinmoy said...

They are the leaders of India..Shame on them.Instead of thinking how to develop our country they are busy watching porn in the assembly.They are the representative whom we select for the betterment of our country.In spite of having all the things to be a developed country in the world India is still a developing country.Only for having ths kind of leaders who are not able to lead their own life.So India is going to be underdeveloped country unless we get good leaders.

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