Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 233

I got a comment on my last post. It’s true that due to the irresponsible and shameless politicians India is still an underdeveloped country. India has the potential of being a developed nation. But it’s all due to the corrupted politicians, even after 64 years of independence, we are developing nation. Politicians have been worried about their development rather than country’s development. Whenever there is any important bill to be passed in the parliament or in the state assemblies then the politicians will interrupt the proceedings of the parliament or the assembly. But whenever there will be any bill about the increment of the salary hike of the members of the parliament or the assembly then they will be in full attendance and there will not be any interruption. Most of the politicians are having some criminal cases pending against them. Sometimes I strongly feel that dictator rule or the military rule is necessary for India. 

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