Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 227

Today Supreme Court’s verdict came out for 2G scams. The court blamed former telecom minister A Raja for the scam. The court cancelled all the 122 2G licences awarded during the A Raja’s tenure. The licences were awarded at the throw away prices. This clearly means that how the ministers miss utilise the power given to them. The unconstitutional way in which A Raja acted proves that the ministers are more bothered about the development of their personal bank accounts rather than the development of the country. What a shame? The companies which bribed A Raja will recover from the public as the service charges and the call rates. Ultimately, it’s the general public who is paying the double loss. First, the loss which A Raja made in giving the licence at the lower prices. He forgot that the loss of the state exchequer is the loss of the general public because the money coming to the exchequer is the tax which the general public is paying. The second loss of the public is indeed in the form of the service charges it will pay to the mobile companies in various forms.  Every time the burden is put on the general public only. For every corruption, the public has to pay heavy price.
Now the trial will go on. May be it will take another decade for the final verdict to come. Till then A Raja will be having a VIP cell in the prison. I don’t know what will the final verdict but till then there will be no hard way to recover the money. There will be some financial fine of may be Rs 50,000. That will be maximum. But A Raja has taken minimum bribe of Rs 50 lakhs. There is no provision of any hard punishment and heavy financial fine. Sometimes, I really think that the time has come to change the laws. 

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