Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 275

I know I’m a bit late today in writing today’s blog. Well I was busy in office during the day and had a class in the evening. After the class, I’m in my apartment but today I need something different to write for the blog. Daily I’m writing about the daily routine. But today I need something different. This is the thing I’m thinking for the past half an hour. Being in America really makes a lot of difference. These days, I’m not getting any Indian news papers. The news channels which I can see broadcast all the things about the American stuffs. Then I logged on to the internet version of one of the leading Indian newspapers. Two articles got my attention. One was regarding the recommendation to increase the excise duty on the diesel cars by none other than the Union Petroleum Minister himself and another news article was about the Khap community in Haryana.
Right now, I don't want to say anything about what the Union Petroleum Minister has said. I think there is no logic behind that. The whole country is facing the price hike in petrol and diesel in India. If the government accepts whatever Mr Jaipal Reddy has said then the price of small diesel cars will go high by Rs 1.7 lakh per unit and medium to large guzzler will go high by Rs 2.55 lakh per unit. I don't see any logic in this. As far as I remember then the price of the diesel cars are roughly Rs 1 lakh more than the petrol cars. Then what’s the use of increasing the price of the diesel cars? This is really ridiculous. If we exclude the small cars and the SUVs then the rest remaining things will be the tractors and the trucks. Majority of the tractors are being used in Agricultural activities. Is Mr Reddy advocating increasing the price of tractors so that it will add the additional cost to farmers? What exactly is this? And the trucks are being used to transport both commercial and non commercial things. I’m unable to try to figure out what exactly Mr Reddy is trying to say? Because increase in the excise duty in tractors and trucks will ultimately effect the agricultural and non agricultural things. It will make the agricultural products more costlier and non agricultural services more costly. What exactly he wants to say is vague to me. I hope he clarifies it very soon. 

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