Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 272

Today my friend is coming from India. We were supposed to come together. But his visa was put on hold due to some reasons. The reason was not disclosed to us at American consulate. Anyhow last week, he called me and told me his visa has been cleared. And today he will be landing here in another two and half hours. The Director will come to my apartment and we will go to receive him. Now I’ll not be alone. Being alone is something a sort of punishment for me. Now the tenure of my punishment has come to its end.
Well I have made my posts as my daily routine. Whatever I do in the whole day, I just write it down. So today morning, I was feeling better. I had a comfortable sleep without any shivering. After getting ready, I made my own breakfast. I made omelette along with the bread. My cab came at its scheduled time and dropped me at my office. I finished my work in just two hours. After that I got leave for the day. Now I have weekends to enjoy. From Monday, my new schedule will start. Hoping that I’ll be having some new things to learn while doing it. 

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