Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 277

Today was a type of fun day for me. When I went to office, I was told that there is a technical error in the desktop. So, until the error was rectified, I wasn’t supposed to do any work in the office. As my work is totally based on the desktop for data entry and internet so I got a relief of an hour or so. Then my friend and I went out for some change. We went to Burger King and KFC. We all know about KFC as it’s a world renowned outlet for chicken items. But Burger King is an outlet which isn’t famous in India. Burger King is an outlet which specialises itself in different types of burgers. Really I like the burgers of Burger King. They are indeed very delicious. Well, that’s not the main part. We returned back after a break of half an hour. When we were back in office, we were told that the error was fixed and we were supposed to do the work. I was still in good mood as my work contained about collecting the data of the competitor companies from the internet. I have finished about one Competitor Company yesterday itself. So I was supposed to target another one. But the instructor came and told me that we need the modification in the work which I did last week. She explained me the new format. I accepted to work in the new format. She told me to edit the last work but I still preferred to start fresh. Or rather say in American terms, starting from the scratch. I got agreed to work from starting because my work contained from various sheets and editing those work is tougher than starting afresh. So I started afresh. After working for three hours, I came back to my apartment. Then I took rest and after rest, roamed here and there. Then after returning, we took rest of an hour or so. Then my friend went for cooking and I sat to write the post for the blog. I was thinking about the topic. Then at last, as usual I wrote my daily routine. I hope you people are not getting bored with my stuffs. If you are getting bored, then I have always welcomed your comments as feedback.

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