Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 268

Today is Sunday. Like last weekend, this weekend, also, I stayed in my apartment. Actually I spent my time watching videos on YouTube. Today morning, I woke up a bit late. But my head was banging with pain. After couple of hours, the pain became low. I took bath. After bath, the headache was gone. I went to the cafeteria of the university to have brunch. After brunch, I came back to my apartment. I was feeling a bit cold. I took rest for forty five minutes. After that I talked to one of my friends for one and half hours. Then I went to have dinner at the cafeteria. Actually the dinner time at the cafeteria of the university is 4.30 pm to 6 pm. I know its something unusual in Indian context. In India, 6 pm is the time to have snacks. But the rules are different in America and India. After dinner, I went to the shop owned by the Gujarati. We had chat for ten minutes. I asked him about the places where I can go on next weekend. He told me that one, being single, can’t enjoy the places. You need to have a companion. After that he got busy with his customers. I bought couple of stuffs for me and came back to my apartment. I was thinking what to write in today’s post. Finally I thought that I should write about today’s activities. Actually these days I’m not thinking on new ideas to write. But may be from tomorrow, I’ll write on some new things other than my daily routine. 

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