Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 287

I know I didn’t write anything on the blog yesterday in spite of saying that writing has become my habit. Well, yesterday I wasn’t in mood. Actually yesterday I was a bit tired. So I decided to skip the writing. But anyway, this isn’t going to make any impression on anyone. Nobody is reading my blog now so there is no need to give any explanation now.
Today I decided to write upon the reduction in the oil price. The prices have been reduced to Rs 2.46 per litre. But still the prices are above Rs 70. Actually all the news papers and news channels show the oil prices in the four metro cities only. So here I can compare the prices of New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. In New Delhi, it’s Rs 70.24 per litre after reducing the price by Rs 2.02. In Mumbai, it’s Rs 73.35 per litre after reducing by Rs 3.10. In Kolkata, it’s Rs 72.74 after reducing Rs 3.07 and in Chennai its Rs 72.74 after reducing Rs 3.07. This indicates that the prices are cut but still the prices are much more. Now its necessity of the people to have petrol in their vehicles. So they are forced to buy the petrol at the price being charged for. But here I’m not going to criticise the government. We all know that the Indian government isn’t an oil producer. Indian government is the oil buyer from the gulf countries.
We all know that the oil is a natural product with limited stock. With the increase of demand and limited stock, it’s natural that the cost of the commodity will go high. Same thing is happening with the petrol. There are many automobiles companies who are having profit year after year. With the increase in the automobiles it’s clear that the demand of the petroleum will go high. It’s obvious that no automobile can run without the petrol. So the emphasis should be on the alternatives. I mean to say that automobile companies have to think about the alternative through which the automobiles will run smoothly.

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