Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 288

I know that for the last three days I haven’t written anything. This is because I was extremely busy on three days. Since Friday evening, I was busy in series of party with my boss and his friends. I know that you people will think that I have written my last post on Friday and I’m saying now that I was busy since Friday evening. Actually this is because of the time difference between America and India. I usually writ my blog in evening just like I’m doing now. But it’s evening in America and its morning time in India. So, due to this time difference the confusion is there. Well, today is Monday evening in America and Tuesday morning in India. Well, the time difference isn’t the topic for today’s post. I just wanted to make a clarification.
Today I don't want to write any repeated things. I know it’s of no use now. If my repeated requests would have made an impact on my readers then I would have got many comments. But there are no comments on my previous posts. I know I don't have any reader any more. So the topic will be on my mood and in my style. I’ll write as I wish. There are many things on which I wanted to have feedbacks but now I’m totally heart broken. Now I won’t complaint also. It will be easier on both sides. You people won’t have the tension of writing comments and all. I know you people haven’t taken any tension for writing any comments. I’ll also be relieved from the expectation of having the feedbacks.
Actually when one has some expectation then he or she hopes that his expectation will be fulfilled. My expectation was to have comments to improve my writing. But now I don't have any expectation. It’s all broken. It’s true that when an expectation is broken then it really hurts. Anyway, I don't want to get emotional. There is no use of that. With whom I’m sharing my emotions when there is no one to read this post? Now I’m also free like you to write anything which I want without having any expectation of feedbacks. 

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Mrinmoy Roy said...

Boss i m back.....so dnt lose heart...continue with ur cost...and dont stop this habit of writing.....

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